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Food Industry

Produce and distribute your innovative products and reduce your costs

TVH Consulting offers ERP solutions that are adapted to the food industry sector

Your challenges:

secteur agroalimentaire
  • Meet the requirements of JIT sourcing, production and distribution of fresh goods.
  • Your sector must respond to the paradox of reconciling descending prices with regulatory requirements and customer demands
  • Traceability and quality control are essential, from monitoring of raw materials to the end customer.
  • Knowledge of the customers is the constant prerequisite at all stages of the relationship between your sales forces and the buyers at the central buying office (clientele segmentation, customer hierarchy with an application date, cascading rebates, rebate contracts, etc.)

TVH Consulting offers ERP solutions to respond to these challenges.

secteur agroalimentaire
  • Catalogues & formulas
  • Traceability, batches & Expiration
  • Quality analyses, certification
  • Workflow and digital signatures
  • Co-products & sub-products
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Customer sales journals
  • Global Location number (GLN) and date channels
  • Customer hierarchies to date
  • Configurable pricing structures (pull-down discounts, promotions, net prices, expenses, services)
  • Bonuses and marketing agreements
  • Transportation
  • EDI
  • Production management with finite and infinite capacity scheduling

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