Specialized distribution and trading

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TVH Consulting offers ERP solutions adapted to specialized distribution and B-to-B trading

Your challenges:

distribution spécialisée et le négoce en BtoB
  • Develop a distribution network via stores and warehouses.
  • You manage large volumes (number of products, parcels, etc.) and need to monitor optimal cost prices and margins while delivering quality service to professional customers.
  • You wish to benefit from a back office and front office (counter orders) adapted to trade activities (rapid input, scan and barcode for employee identification and article input).
  • You sell 'over the counter', via the Internet, by fax or by phone, to a one-off customer or account customers.

TVH Consulting offers ERP solutions to respond to these challenges

distribution spécialisée et le négoce en BtoB
  • Organization models: central, stores, traveling sales representatives
  • Cost prices and margin analyses
  • Supplier relations (supplier catalogues, e-procurement, portal, ASN)
  • Import management and approach costs
  • Multichannel: Call center with a 360° view of customers, "cash & carry" type counter sales with bar codes, merchant site, stores
  • Configurable pricing tool
  • Customer contracts
  • Answers to calls to tenders / markets
  • Direct shipment (drop shipment) or transit stock (cross-dock)
  • Internal and external transportation
  • Integrated warehouse management
  • Cooperation agreements (RFA) with your customers and suppliers
  • Production management with finite and infinite capacity scheduling

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