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Cadexpress+ S/4 Analytics: use the power of the cloud for your reports and predictive analyses

Once your processes have been transformed and digitalized, you can increase your competitiveness by installing the SAP Analytics Cloud solution to provide top levels of performance and scalability. For pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agri-food businesses, the ultimate step is always fine-tuned, real-time data management. Good decision-making is a key success factor, so you should ask yourself which is the right software in terms of completeness and UX.

Capitalizing on more than 10 years of experience and customer feedback, Cadexpress+ S/4 Analytics incorporates the full potency of SAP Analytics Cloud with data exploration and visualization, planning and predictive analysis. Through functional dashboards (purchasing, sales, stocks, production, finance, etc.) that take your industry into consideration, we offer support to ensure speedier familiarization than occurs with un-configured SAP Embedded Analytics views, to improve.

Cadexpress+ S/4 Analytics on SAP