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Our approach to the cloud fits with your goals and constraints

Use of the cloud is taking off in businesses, whether in terms of subscriptions to SaaS or environments run under IaaS. The latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and SAP S/4HANA ERP systems are now most definitely cloud-centric, as are Business Intelligence applications.

But while the cloud is within easy reach, make no mistake, it gives rise to questions in terms of strategy (location of data, etc.), finance (ROI, TCO, etc.) and technology since IT architectures are becoming increasingly complex and maintaining system performance demands skills that many corporations still do not posses. TVH Consulting’s strength is that it offers a set of managed services for the various cloud architectures, designed for Microsoft and SAP ERP and BI systems, and these allow you to make the move to the cloud at your own pace.

Which is the right cloud approach for your ERP?