Microsoft ERP Solutions

The ADAX Quality App: complete end-to-end quality and traceability on Microsoft Dynamics

Whether you are in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry or manufacturing, quality is a crucial issue and a key factor in your business performance. Like any value chain, you need to meet quality, security and safety requirements imposed by customers who are increasingly demanding, working within a strict regulatory framework.

With this in mind, your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP needs to allow you to check quality at any point in the production process, from goods reciving to shipping the end product. Without the ability to do so, your quality and traceability management will be time-consuming and unreliable, and you will be slow to respond if any shortcoming is found. This LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) solution, which interfaces with Microsoft Dynamics, offers additional functionalities to provide complete, reliable, optimized management of your processes.

ADAX Quality App: track the quality and compliance of your products