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ADAX Life Sciences ERP system: a solution designed for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

The population explosion, complex market authorization processes, strict regulatory standards, and tougher traceability constraints as a result of counterfeiting are just some of the factors driving pharmaceutical manufacturers to reorganize and start using systems able to support the changes they are facing. Built on the foundation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations cloud or on-premises ERP system, ADAX Life Sciences ERP provides key functionalities essential to your industry, pulling together your core business, innovation and your main challenge, i.e. traceability.

Regulatory requirements imposed on the modern pharmaceutical industry (BPx, cGMP, etc.) demand highly advanced approval of information systems through specific and standardized assessment and certification processes. As our success stories show, we can offer support and guidance during any industry audits you might undergo.

Microsoft ADAX Life Sciences ERP designed to meet the challenges facing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics