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Solutions for agricultural cooperatives: get 360° view on your business

Facing various challenges including agricultural price volatility, a general trend towards concentration, and more regulatory requirements, the cooperative model is seeing great upheaval, pushing agricultural cooperatives to re-assess their business to bring ever greater value to both farmers and consumers.

A single application for agricultural cooperatives, such as an ERP system, enables you to structure all your business management around the same information system. In so doing, you accelerate your multi-company, multi-site, multi-business transformation, and your internal and external growth objectives. Always on top of any new regulatory standards, our consultants, experts in the field, have already supported many ERP implementations at large agricultural cooperatives in France, taking due account of the requirements of the various business lines involved and serving members’ interests.


The ADAX COOP ERP system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet the challenges facing