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Cadexpress S/4 Chemicals ERP: meeting the challenges faced by the chemical industry

Ever more standards and regulations, globalized competition, new environmental requirements, and increased safety related to hazardous materials are just some of the increasingly complex challenges and innovation issues facing the chemicals industry. They demand an appropriate system to help simplify these issues. To help you meet them, we suggest the prepackaged Cadexpress S/4 Chemicals solution, built on SAP S/4HANA On-premises and Cloud technology, designed to fully meet the challenges of your industry.

Capitalizing on more than ten years of experience, Cadexpress S/4 Chemicals ERP includes all the industry’s best practices in terms of standards & regulation, production, logistics, quality and financial management. Implementation is 30% faster than standard ERP delivery, and the system will bring lasting improvements to your competitiveness.

SAP Cadexpress S/4 ERP system designed to meet the challenges of the chemical industry