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Our commitments resulting from our consulting

Our expertise and the quality of our services are requested both upstream and downstream from the implementation of an ERP solution and have led us to carry out consulting assignments. TVH Consulting believes that its consulting services commit it to functional and technical results that comply with expected objectives, since it manages the implementation of recommendations which result from these assignments. To do so, each of our consultants has proven expertise in at least one of the following areas:

Business Expertise

More of our expertise has been acquired in the field rather than in mere training sessions. It is the instrument for our action, the guarantee of the quality of our services and the basis of LEADING’IT, our methodological approach. Our consultants have gained their expertise working in industry, trading and industry services. Their vast experience in these fields have familiarized them with various production philosophies (in stock, made to order, project mode), distribution philosophies (push & pull mode) and organization philosophies (centralized, decentralized, international). They are also well-versed in the specificities of specific business fields such as fashion, food, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, mass distribution suppliers, maintenance, engineering, etc.

Functionnal Expertise

We possess expertise in implementing major ERP solutions: Microsoft Dynamics AX, Lawson M3 (Intentia Movex), Sage ERP X3 and SAP Business All-In-One The diverse backgrounds of our consultants, who have implemented many ERP solutions in the past, provide a very relevant viewpoint of the expertise of major vendors. Both our business consultants and our project directors have complete mastery of the functionalities of ERP software. Therefore, our project directors oversee all work executed for the various processes of the company while maintaining a global, transverse viewpoint of the project.

Technological Expertise

All facets of this fundamental dimension must be mastered within our areas of business. Complex architectures require skills working with databases, networks, servers, various operating systems, communication and new technologies that are adopted through an ongoing watch. Our architects are able to define, size, estimate and integrate all components of your environment and oversee their implementation.

Design / Development expertise

The design and development division effectively rounds out our organization and is one of the cornerstones of our commitment to results. Regardless of the nature of the application to implement, our division oversees its analysis, execution, tests and integration, and is committed to quality, budgets and time frames. Within the scope of co-developments, we oversee the supervision, framework and training of your internal teams.
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