Methodological approach

Pragmatism and efficiency

Flexible, comprehensible methodology

Integration of ERP software has long-time been at the core of our expertise and our business. The success of any project not only comes from the quality of the players who lead it, but also their ability to be organized and structure their approach around a complete, flexible and comprehensible methodology. TVH Consulting has therefore developed Leading’IT, methodology designed for all players involved in a project, including project management, project ownership and support of project ownership. It is used in all contexts ranging from national to international, single to multi-site and SME/Key Accounts.
Method: Leading’IT

In addition to this method taking the recommendations of our vendor partners into consideration, it is also flexible and adaptable to the context of each company. Leading’IT is proactive and operates on the following assumptions:
  • Involve the general management: objectives, challenges, arbitration, follow-up.
  • Be accessible and comprehensible for all players of the project: bring them on the same page.
  • Be complete and pragmatic: structure it in phases, processes, steps, tasks,
  • Clearly emphasize each person’s responsibilities and objectives.
  • Identify human and material resources to implement
  • Plan the project realistically and identify the critical path.
  • Implement broad communication between players.
  • Inhibit resistance to change.
  • Facilitate project execution for both project management and project ownership.
  • Set pace and deadlines for reception (documents, training, developments, equipment, transfer requests, etc.) as well the conditions for validation.
  • Integrate the quality concept into each task.

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    Benefits of our methodology

    • It is flexible and adapted to the context of each company
    • It is centered on business processes, keeping in line with the objectives and scope defined for the project
    • It is designed to gradually transfer skills to the customer team
    • It is pragmatic and differs significantly from « traditional » ERP approaches
    • Take into account all tasks from a project management and project ownership viewpoint.
    • Integrate transverse processes (quality assurance, change management, takeovers, architecture, etc.).
    • It manages the project’s risks, schedule and costs.

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