Proof of Concept

Secure the R.O.I of your ERP project

Proof of concept: go to the heart of the matter

Proof of Concept: Going to the heart of the matter Drawing from our experience, we believe that the usual process of a call to tenders/specifications is no longer suitable as a preliminary phrase for choosing an ERP software solution. TVH Consulting prefers to substitute this with a much more efficient, pragmatic approach: The Proof of Concept. The Proof of Concept consists of first preselecting an ERP solution in terms of the specific and generic pre-defined criteria for the software and vendor, and then in terms of the company’s specific and generic criteria.


  • The company’s area(s) of business,
  • Its organizational structure and culture,
  • Its positioning in its market(s) and its specificities,
  • Its strategy and targeted information system,
  • Its key and/or critical processes
  • Its expectations (efficiency, productivity, organization, ROI).


  • Its human and material resources,
  • Its geography and logistics,
  • Volume of information to be processed,
  • Its budget,
  • Planning and progression foreseen for the solution’s integration.

Next, while in project mode, it becomes a question of preparing, planning and executing the Proof of Concept with the goal of concretely verifying the quality of resulting answers, any changes that must be made and the consequences for the company in the form of constraints or change and change management. This is done using a model built from real data from the company and software simulations of its key and/or critical processes. An intermediary step allows the steering committee to validate or invalidate the continuation of the Proof of Concept based on the initial results from the model. At the end of the second phase, the solution may be validated with ease, and the integration project is then optimized using the Proof of Concept deliverables.

Proof of Concept methodology

measurement key performance indicators


A PRAGMATIC, EXHAUSTIVE process which secures the selection, success and implementation of the solution…
  • Validation of your business processes with the selected ERP solution: real illustration
  • Implementation targeting the reality of your key processes, achieved through functional workshops
  • More secure project start-up (scope definition, deployment scenario)
  • Reassured project teams from the project start, a result of prior collaboration
  • Capitalization, reuse of the Proof of Concept within the project scope, no loss of information
  • Team continuity throughout the entire process (pre-sales, Proof of Concept and implementation)
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