Know-how transmission and high-level support

A real support center with dedicated staff

Implementation of ERP software does not end when the solution is installed and started up.

The support center is the unique point of entry for all TVH Consulting customers who are no longer in project mode. This center is available 24/7 through its website, which allows you to enter and track your requests for software and hosting support, as well as those for ongoing support. A status is assigned to each request and changes as events progress:


e-PS status

Software Support

There are two types of software support classified by maintenance type:

Ongoing maintenance

This corresponds to the commitments of the vendor and TVH Consulting to regularly deliver new versions (major or minor) of their software. These upgrades include the delivery of technical, functional and legal updates.

Corrective Maintenance

Done in partnership with the vendor, this type of maintenance allows you to benefit from software corrections and updates. Accessible online or by phone, our support center guarantees you:

  • A qualification of your requests in 2 hours (during the support center working hours),
  • A jointly executed resolution plan,
  • A tracking tool for your requests, accessible online,
  • Personalised reporting on call-outs.

Hosting or outsourcing

We provide 2 types of hosting:

Tele-administration : partial outsourcing

  • ERP landscape is hosted on the customer’s website,
  • Remote or on-site monitoring,
  • Administrators work remotely,
  • Equipment contracts are not covered.

Hosting: complete outsourcing

  • The ERP landscape is hosted on a secure site
  • Dedicated equipment for the customer
  • TVH Consulting may supply the equipment (not shared)
  • Maintenance contracts are covered by TVH Consulting (opening of compartments, renewal, etc.)
  • Tracking of performance and evolution of architecture

All contracts provide:

Management of IT budget

  • Contract with fixed annual cost
  • Equipment may be included at an annualized cost
  • Unlimited S.L.A.

Security and continuity of service

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Administrators assigned to each customer
  • Single point of contact (phone, ePS web portal)
  • TVH Consulting expertise at your disposal
  • Trained and certified administrators
  • Close cooperation with ERP vendors
  • Proactive approach: prevent rather than fix the problem
  • Sharing of skills

Support for your ERP solution and its programms

  • EDI
  • Email
  • File Server
  • ….
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