Recruiting policy and benefits

An innovative and federating management policy


Sharing strong common values:

Our organizational culture is distinct first and foremost due our commitment to sharing strong common values in order to offer our customers an impeccable quality of service. Professionalism, Perfectionism, Pragmatism, Integrity, Honesty and a Strong Contribution to Added Value are the hallmarks of all our colleagues, who form the foundations of our organizational culture.

A Rewarding and Forward-Looking Professional Environment:

TVH Consulting has developed a rewarding and forward-looking professional environment to allow individuals to grow professionally in complete harmony with their ambitions as part of a robust enterprise plan. We believe it is essential to provide employees with a working environment ordered around the faultless communication and circulation of information within the company. Prospects as a Shareholder or Partner: Our culture is also based on a system of participatory management in which every employee actively contributes to growth within a rationale of ongoing improvement. As a result, the company implemented a rigorous, innovative and forward-looking organizational structure from its inception to offer every employee the prospect of becoming a Shareholder or Partner in the medium term and thus actively participate in defining the Group’s strategy.


Prospect of advancing to Shareholder status:

The most committed employees, delivering impeccable work and demonstrating their loyalty to the company, will have the opportunity to become shareholders organized within a specific association and be represented in the governing bodies.

Prospect of advancing to Partner status:

This career advancement prospect is based on the ability of all professionals to actively and strongly contribute to the company’s added value in the service of its customers. This is directly linked to achieving convincing results (customer satisfaction, ability to lead, creativity, commitment) consistently acquired over time. Remuneration is a reflection of the company’s results and a sizeable portion is reinvested alongside a significant initial capital investment. Partner cooptation is subject to the approval of 90% of the College of Partners and requires unreserved compliance with the Charter of Founding Partners. If you would like to develop your skills within a rewarding and forward-looking professional environment, look no further than TVH Consulting. Please submit your application by completing the form on this site, or by mail to: TVH CONSULTING Human Resources Department 22 rue Guynemer BP 112 F-78601 Maisons Laffitte Cédex Email :
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