Message from the CEO

Above all, a human experience

Reconciling ethics with performance

Message from the CEO « Creating TVH Consulting was first and foremost a story about people. Seasoned professionals from the world of ERP solution implementation came together with shared values. They had made the same observations and were driven by the same ambition. These professionals boast several years of experience and are responsible for over 500 completely successful projects in both French and international environments. The values of TVH Consulting reflect our desire to increase professionalism within a framework of ethical rigor untouched by conflicts of interest between consulting, recommended services and the best interests of our customers. Simply put, it is substituting a commonly held mercenary attitude with an unambiguous professional approach within the context of a real, unwavering partnership. Aware of the necessity for companies to truly understand their ERP solution, the core of its IT system, TVH Consulting has set itself apart as the ERP solution specialist to deliver you the best in the industry through a business-oriented approach, with the sole purpose of supporting its strategy while taking its specificities and culture into consideration.»

Guy TUBIANA President

“The cohesion of an organization lies in a shared understanding of events and tasks”

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