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TVH Consulting and its network of strategic partners

Our ERP vendor partners

microsoft dynamics
  • Management software packages for SMEs/SMIs and subsidiaries of major corporations
  • Front office, Back office and online services (CRM, SCM)
  • $2.5 billion in investments
  • 1 700 people in R&D
  • 335,000 customers in 132 countries
  • A network of over 13,000 partners worldwide
A dedicated team in each country:
  • Consideration of legal restrictions and norms, especially in accounting
  • Increasing relations with local governing bodies. Example: DGI, AFNOR-certified in France
  • A SME-SMI solution to meet the needs of projects with anywhere from 50 to 6,500 users
  • A global solution: 40 languages and 36 countries
  • A proven solution: +13,000 customers worldwide
SAP Leader in the business software market, SAP (NYSE: SAP) assists companies of all sizes in their path to success, regardless of their business sector. Since its creation in 1972, SAP (acronym for « Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing ») has developed solid expertise in innovation and growth, and has become a strong leader in its sector.
  • A solution deployed in 50 countries
  • A proven solution: more than 109,000 customers
  • Preconfigured vertical solutions developed by partners all over the world
sage As the third largest management solution vendor internationally, SAGE has simplified and automated business process management for 6.1 million companies in 70 companies. Sage relies on a network of 30,000 resellers worldwide to maintain proximity with customers. Its acquisition policy has allowed it to constantly add to its offering.

Our vendor partners offering complementary solutions

ptc Founded in 1985 in Boston, PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC) The Product Development Company®, develops, commercializes and provides support for product lifecycle management software solutions (Product Lifecycle Management – PLM). Designed for industry use, these solutions provide answers for requirements related to globalization, reducing time-to-market and improving operational efficiency associated with product development, as well as compliance with environmental regulations. By offering integrated CAD, content management and process solutions, PTC helps companies create and manage information more effectively throughout the product lifecycle for optimal, successful development. bottomline Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY) offers collaborative solutions for payment, invoice and document automation for companies, financial institutions and banks around the world. The company’s solutions are used to streamline, automate and manage processes and transactions relating to collection, billing, cash management and the financial supply chain. Companies implement these solutions to help them reduce costs, gain a competitive advantage over their competition and optimize working capital. Headquartered in the USA, Bottomline also has subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. Experian QAS is a leading provider of address data quality software and services. The Experian QAS software suite of products are designed to capture, validate, cleanse, standardize and enrich addresses, names and other important contact information.
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