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TVH Consulting is a partner of associations

TVH Consulting is a partner of SOS Children’s Villages

The primary goal of this association is to rebuild the lives of children. Children living in an SOS children’s village are able to grow up together with their siblings and receive loving care from an SOS mother, providing them with the safety they need to begin rebuilding their lives. Both step-by-step and in the long term, they will acquire the necessary education, confidence and bearings they need to become independent and integrate themselves in their society. A major program for action around the world is being implemented that focuses on:
  • Caring for children who are exposed to neglect
  • Training and assistance for families in fulfilling their parental responsibilities
To protect children from neglect and the dangers of the streets, children in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods are provided with care during the week and during the day in day centers where they are fed, cared for, vaccinated and supervised. These day centers also provide care for families in distress, providing them with education and enduring support in their role as parents. Promote education and professional integration to provide children with the means they need to become independent.
Link: https://www.sosve.org/

TVH Consulting is a partner of International AIDS Orphans

and has sponsored ten orphans with AIDS from Bouake, Ivory Coast for nearly 5 years. Conflict has engulfed Bouake since 2002. In Northern Ivory Coast, public services are poor and access to education and health care is very complicated. Election results in the Ivory Coast are constantly being scrapped; tension is great, which causes the future to appear dim for this country. This is just another source of trauma for these children that is added to the hardship they experience as orphans. This sponsorship is essential for these children as it allows them to receive food (children, and most often all siblings), education and care, as well as social psychological monitoring from the SAS center in Bouake. The situation of the children sponsored by TVH Consulting is particular in that they have contracted HIV or AIDS. In October 2010, Hélène Bordas, an employee of International AIDS Orphans, went to Ivory Coast to evaluate the sponsorship program. She was able to meet all the children sponsored by TVH Consulting. The CSAS center has also been featured in a TV report (which was broadcasted on ARTE during the « Sidaction » feature), which you can watch on the OSI Bouake blog at the following address: blog d’OSI Bouaké. Didier Grouard, Developer and Consultant, created this site http://osibouake.org and has overseen it for 6 years. Here you will find information on the issue of HIV/AIDS and childhood (as well as many other issues). We hope you enjoy your visit. You can also subscribe to the newsletter subscribe to the newsletter
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