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The permanent evolution of information technologies

Our Observations

With all the necessary humility we have made the following observations based on our experience:

Ongoing evolution of information technologies

Although mergers and acquisitions in the world of software vendors are responsible for increasing the means for research and development, they have obscured the future of reconciled software solutions for too long. The evolution of information technologies has a disturbing tendency to satisfy passing trends or « lobbying » phenomena. The main consequence of this trend is that they too often lead users towards « up to date » methods instead of leading them towards viable, pragmatic objectives. Technological methods and choices take precedence over the quality of objectives to reach. We must demystify new technologies and reposition them to help further corporate strategies.

Selection process for an ERP software solution

The selection process for an ERP software solution is too often done as follows:
    • It is based on “questionnaires/specifications » with an approach that uses only yes/no questions and results in uncertain answers prone to dispute,
    • The quantitative approach (coverage percentage) prevails over a qualitative approach (consistency and adaptability of the major functions covered, flexibility of the solution),
    • It is based on an approach that is insufficiently researched and too theoretical during the pre-implementation study phase.
    This exposes the company later on to great disappointment when faced with the discrepancy between the proposed and obtained solutions. TVH Consulting offers an approach that:
    • is more detailed in the definitive selection of your solution by short-listing one or two ERP software solutions,
    • uses very detailed modeling of pre-selected solutions with your key processes in mind and is based on a precise definition of your integration project,
    • ensures a completely adapted and evolving functional answer, increased productivity, as well as seamless adoption of your solution and control over its evolution,
    • appraises created value by setting up performance indicators (or KPI), extrapolating their changes and the expected impact on the company or group operating statement.

    Quality of human resources: a must

    The quality of human resources is an essential prerequisite for the success of any ERP project. In this context, TVH Consulting has chosen to put special focus on its resources using:
    • a strict recruiting process,
    • its consultants’ recognized and proven expertise in software and business,
    • A training policy that is ongoing and adapted to each profile and need,
    • a high level of professionalism at all levels of our projects,
    • pragmatic methodology which anticipates needs and is accessible to all players involved,
    • an internal Quality Assurance Plan for each project,
    • the motivation and stability of our teams guaranteed by an innovative management policy.

    At the start of every project, the implantation team’s cohesiveness and skills are subject to prior acceptance by the project ownership.
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