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Manufacturing industry

Manage your whole industry process

TVH Consulting offers ERP solutions adapted to the industrial sector of capital goods, industrial suppliers

Your challenges:

Manufacturing industry
  • You want to manufacture and distribute equipment that corresponds to the market or to the specific needs of your customers
  • You want to customize and manufacture your machines or finished products in small or large series
  • Your business requires adapted supply, logistics and manufacturing systems
  • You are developing your business abroad and want to optimize your operational management and decision-making .
  • Your IT system flexibility can increase your plants' productivity and its response to specific customer requests

TVH Consulting offers ERP solutions to face these challenges

  • Technical data configurator for quotes and orders
  • Case design
  • Case follow-up (costs, revenue and profitability)
  • Resource planning
  • Cost monitoring
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Warranty contracts
  • Customer base monitoring
  • Intervention planning
  • Allocation of after-sales service time and costs for the service object
  • Production management with finite and infinite capacity scheduling

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