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Develop your sales in your shops

TVH Consulting offers ERP solutions adapted to B-to-B and B-to-C (retail and wholesale)

Your challenges:

Vente au Détail
  • You manufacture or distribute fashion articles for the general public and want to boost your sales by multiplying your sales channels
  • You want to benefit from an efficient back and front office (counter orders) adapted to trade activities (rapid input, scan and barcode for employee identification and article input).
  • You manage logistics flows from A-Z: from sourcing (outsourcing, import tracking) to distribution to your customers and sales outlets (range definition, reassortment policies).
  • Your collections are managed with definition of assortments according to season, the width and depth of the range while taking into account the key issues of volumes and variants (colors, clothes sizes, shoe sizes, etc.).
  • You want to develop several distribution channels (sales outlet, export, e-commerce, private sales, discounters) and be equipped with a well-adapted logistics structure (warehouse, procurement, distribution, etc.)

TVH Consulting offers ERP solutions to face these challenges

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  • Product list coordinated centrally in the back-office (products, sales outlets, employee profiles, cash registers, payment methods, etc.)
  • Definition of offers (promotions, mix & match, additional sales)
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Management of assortments and ranges
  • Store typologies for referencing
  • Restocking management
  • Checkout operations (sales, transactions, cancellations, etc.)
  • Logistics operations in stores (receptions, returns, inventories, markdowns, etc.)
  • Central returns (receipts, payments, loyalty points, etc.) to update stock and accounting
  • Publication of indicators on the Intranet portal for stores

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