Food Industry

  • Caussade
  • Fleury Michon
  • Florette
  • Quick
  • Socopal

Project Management

  • Spot Image
  • Hologram Industrie
  • Hp Fermetures & Menuiseries
  • Institut De Soudure Industrie
  • Jensen Group

Specialized distribution and trading

  • Au Forum Du Batiment
  • Espace Max
  • France Maternité
  • Oscaro
  • Polymark France

Large scale distribution suppliers

  • Fleury Michon SA
  • Florette Sas
  • T'nB
  • Pilot Europe
  • Socopal


  • GSA Logistics
  • Musiwave France
  • Locarchives
  • Toréador Energy
  • SBM Monaco


  • Quick
  • Espace Max
  • Fast Retailing
  • Au Forum Du Batiment
  • France Maternité

Distance Selling

  • Espace Max
  • Inmac Wstore Sas
  • Oscaro
  • Manutan International
  • Raja


  • Laboratoires Boiron
  • Septodont
  • Pierre Fabre
  • Tebu-bio
  • Novocol

Manufacturing Industry

  • Actia Sodielec
  • Aerocan
  • Akena Vérandas
  • Alltub France
  • Amesys

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Bobard Jeune, Bsl Pipes & Fittings, Ets Lacanche, Ets Paul Charvet, Genoyer, Oberthur Technologies, Sorec, Grandvision, U10, Caussade, Plus SA, Pyroalliance, Portalp

Fleury Michon Testimony

« To return consistency to the entire information system, to make the data more integrated, to recover flexibility and to move towards technologies that are fully mastered internally, ADAX (Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX) proved to be the most appropriate solution. We first developed a core model with TVH Consulting…»Read more

Au Forum du Bâtiment Testimony

"3 years ago, it became apparent that our existing IS was too limited to absorb our development and we decided to replace it", explains Mr Bodin, information-systems manager. "Since 2009, our choice has been the ADAX ERP solution (Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics Ax), which we implemented in all areas (purchasing, sales, inventory management, finance and soon, CRM), with the exception of manufacturing"Read more

Florette Testimony

Under its Floris project (Florette Information System), the company has chosen the Dynamics AX+ADAX© solution, the ERP package from Microsoft and the vertical solution from TVH Consulting, with as a main objective the harmonisation of all of its business processes for all of its subsidiaries (3 sites in France, 3 in Spain, 2 in the United Kingdom, 1 in Italy and 1 in Switzerland). The final goal is to support Florette's growth and to harmonise production processes in all European business units, with the help of one single solution.Read more

Florette Video

Read more

Jensen Testimony

In 2005, the group's senior management decided to replace it’s ERP solution in use in its French subsidiary and to prepare its rollout to the rest of the group. The objective was to optimise the centralised management of its resources and procedures. After an in-depth study of various ERP products, the Jensen Group chose the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution. Read more

BEBE9 Testimony

France Maternité’s central office had a heterogeneous business management system and numerous custom developments. This lack of uniformity was reinforced by the stores having different business solutions.To solve these problems, France Maternité chose Microsoft Dynamics AX and TVH Consulting...Read more

HP Fermeture Testimony

The solution provides pervasive interoperability with Microsoft’s environment (MS Office software and SharePoint). TVH Consulting is offering and integrating a complete solution for running this activity, which contributes to the company’s growth ...Read more